Terms & Conditions of membership of social-circus.com

Terms & Conditions about use of the information and images that you provide by becoming a Member.

If you choose to register, Social-Circus will, on this website and on Social Media and in Public domains:

1. Say that your a member of this site and part of a network of Social Circus companies/individuals.

2. Include your operational location in a Google Map

2. Use images that you upload to show on this site in headers, sliders, galleries across the website.

3. Use your logo/Company Name  to identify/reference you.

4. May use you as a featured story in reference to your work and profile.

6. PLEASE NOTE: Anything you write and post to this site or images that you upload are visible to the general public.

7. You can have images and content removed by requesting removal; or you can delete stuff from your profile or change them by logging-in.

8. Membership of this website is Free to Social Circus companies and individuals engaged in Social Circus.

9. This website may introduce advertising in order to pay for its running and development costs.

10. This website and its owners will accept donations to support running this website, however any enquiries for donations to a specific project will be forwarded to that specific project. We don’t aim to make money out of you being a Member listed on this website.

11. You can leave at any time and all your images/info/data will be deleted.

12. The images and information that you provide is your responsibility – make sure its accurate and appropriate, respect your Safeguarding of vulnerable people’s policies.

Questions? email info@social-circus.com

Thank you 🙂


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